Do Your Part To Protect Our Environment on June 5th – World Environment Day!

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You Can Help Protect Our Environment with These 6 Activities

In case you didn’t know, World Environment Day is the most significant day in the U.N. calendar when it comes to promoting public awareness on the need to protect our environment. The annual event is an initiative to urge people around the globe to take part in addressing environmental issues, such as waste disposal, air and water pollution, ozone layer depletion, and global warming.

The campaign is hosted by different countries every year, with Colombia doing the honor for 2020. This year’s theme will focus on biodiversity, which encompasses all living forms on Earth.

The day is usually celebrated with activities such as clean-up campaigns, tree planting, parades, and street rallies. Governments, concerned organizations, and communities hold conferences and lectures to educate the public on matters surrounding the current theme.


What You Can Do to Help Protect Our Environment

Since this year’s World Environment Day centers on biological diversity, here are six activities you can do to protect our environment, living creatures, and their natural habitats:

1. Take a walk.

You must already be aware that walking provides a lot of benefits to your health, but did you know that it’s also healthy for our planet? Instead of driving your way to somewhere nearby, walking greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Plus, you get to save a lot on gas.

2. Recycle.

Instead of throwing cans and bottles right away, why not just keep them for future use? Recycling plastic means less new plastic to produce. Recycling wood and paper saves trees, and recycling metals lessens the need for mining and extraction of ores.

3. Plant fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

Plants are more than just nature’s decorations. They help our environment in so many ways — from absorbing carbon dioxide and regulating the water cycle, to releasing oxygen and providing food and shelter for humans and animals. So, go ahead and do us all a favor by growing any plants in your backyard.

4. Conserve water.

Aside from saving you money on your water bills, reducing water usage can also save a lot of energy, combat droughts, and reduce the impact of water shortage. You can conserve water by taking short showers, examining your taps and pipes for leaks, insulating your water pipes, and using your washing machine and dishwasher for full loads only. Also, don’t forget to close your faucets whenever you’re not using them.

5. Build a birdhouse.

Provide birds a safe shelter to inhabit by placing a birdhouse in your backyard. You’ll see mutualism at play here: They get to seek refuge and you get to eliminate pests when your winged friends eat them.

6. Be a mindful buyer.

Before you purchase a certain item, make sure that it’s durable, energy-efficient, and made from sustainable sources. As much as possible, avoid buying products that are harmful to the environment and animals, such as wet wipes, disposable cleaning cloths, disposable razors, and anything that contains plastic microbeads.


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