Constitution Day

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Constitution Day, September 17: How to Celebrate the Occasion in a Most Meaningful Way

On September 17, don’t be surprised to see flags when you pass by government buildings. Wonder what the event is? It’s Constitution Day!

Also known as Citizenship Day, this annual occasion is a special day for all Americans. It’s the day we commemorate the signing of our Constitution which took place way back in 1787. The four-page handwritten Constitution is said to exemplify the greatest expression of statesmanship in the history of the United States of America.

Constitution Day is all about celebrating our lives as U.S. citizens. The holiday also mandates newly naturalized US citizens to take their oath of allegiance at Washington’s National Archives Rotunda.


Brief History

Constitution Day started in the summer of 1787 when delegates from Philadelphia came up with the idea of building a stronger union. With this as their goal, they established a framework that centered on freedom and balance among federal and state interests.

After completing the framework, which came to be known as the Constitution, the delegates signed it on September 17. On the 21st of June of the following year, the Constitution took effect after nine of the original 13 states approved it.


Observance of Constitution Day

Although it’s not a federal holiday, Constitution Day is celebrated through various activities in schools, government offices, and even churches. The U.S. Department of Education offers materials that enlighten students about the significance of this event.

Other schools and universities devote a week for the celebration of Constitution Day. On that week, students are encouraged to participate in trivia contests, hold campus fairs, distribute free copies of the Constitution, and help raise awareness of the significance of commemorating the event.

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