Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year: Know That One Chinese New Year Tradition That Anybody Can Follow with Good Results

While people in the United States and many other parts of the world usher in the New Year as the clock strikes 12 on the first day of January, this is not the case with the Chinese people worldwide. For them, another year begins once the new moon appears between January 21 and February 20. This 9th of February, they will officially welcome 2019, which commences the Year of the Pig.

Also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, the Chinese New Year is considered as the most prominent holiday in China and for Chinese people in all parts of the globe. It is also regarded as the longest festival in the Asian country as it lasts for 15 days. Schools, government offices, and many companies will be closed from the eve of Chinese New Year until the seventh day of the first lunar month.

With hundreds of thousands of workers in cities returning to their provincial hometowns in China to celebrate the holiday with their families, the Spring Festival is known to cause the world’s largest human migration. Due to the fact that many Chinese are living overseas, the celebration has extended to several other countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and some parts in Europe and North America. Vietnam, Korea, and Tibet have even developed their own version of the Chinese New Year.

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Unique Chinese New Year Traditions

Public establishments in China and Chinese communities overseas decorate their premises one month before the holiday. People would also beautify their houses on Chinese New Year’s Eve as part of their custom. Red would pretty much be everywhere. They would hang red lanterns, post red posters with poetic lines on their doors and windows, and adorn their living rooms with red dolls to honor the year’s zodiac animal.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families everywhere would gather for a reunion dinner, which is believed to be the most important meal of the year. The dinner takes place after they watch the Spring Festival Gala on television.

People would stay up late until the clock strikes 12 when they welcome the New Year with fireworks and firecrackers. They normally set fireworks twice—at midnight to scare off “monsters” and bad luck and the second time on the morning of Chinese New Year to attract good luck.

The Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival by exchanging gifts, just like what we do during Christmas. Expect to see children happily receiving red envelopes with money from their parents and grandparents. Red envelopes are also believed to bring luck and prosperity, which is why they’re really important for the Chinese people.

Most cities celebrate the Spring Festival by putting up traditional shows and dances, including lion dances, dragon dances, and even a live reenactment of an emperor’s wedding. Parks and temple fairs would be selling a variety of traditional Chinese products and snacks.

There are some activities people avoid on this day such as showering, sweeping, using sharp objects, and saying unlucky words. They believe that doing any of these things can bring bad luck for the entire year. For instance, sweeping the floor means “sweeping all their luck away.”

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