Cervical Health Awareness Month

Women on Cervical Health Awareness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Cervical Health Awareness Month: Win the War for Women Across the U.S. this January

Have you heard that January is the Cervical Health Awareness Month? Nearly 40 years ago, cervical cancer was the major cause of cancer death and the most common type of cancer in childbearing-aged women across the globe. Since it shows no early symptoms whatsoever, it was, to a significant extent, deemed a silent killer.

Fortunately, the widespread practice of routine cervical cancer screening coupled with HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccination has alleviated its prevalence, with the number of cervical cancer cases reduced to about 50 percent over the years. To raise awareness and continue encouraging early detection of the disease, the American Social Health Association (ASHA) and National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) alongside U.S. Congress designated January as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

When Cancer Rears Its Ugly Head

Do you know that from being the most common cancer that affects women, cervical cancer now ranks only 14th? The American Cancer Society estimates about 12,820 new cases and 4,210 deaths for 2017. That’s a considerably huge decline compared to the numbers 40 years ago.

At the top of the cancer ladder now is breast cancer. According to the same organization, American Cancer Society, breast cancer is now the most common cancer affecting women. It accounts for 40,610 deaths and 252,710 new cases per year. What’s worse is that it doesn’t only affect women but, although fairly rare, men as well.

What Can We Do?

In celebration of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we urge you to not only fight cervical cancer alone but also fight for the entire well-being of women all over the world. This includes fighting breast cancer – today’s silent killer.

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Women Celebrating Cervical Cancer Awareness Month | Breast Cancer Car Donations

How Does It Work?

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Make a Move to Save More Lives!

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