Back-to-School Tips: Preparing Your Child’s Lunches

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Pack Your Child’s Meals Like a Pro With Good Meal Planning

As we say goodbye to summer, it’s time for parents to get themselves and their kids ready for another school season. If you’re raising a kindergartner or a 3rd grader, meal planning should be a priority. Not only will you be able to save money, but you’ll also be making your child happy and healthy with delicious foods that are packed with nutrients.

Meal preparation isn’t that complicated, as what many first-time parents might think. Experienced parents see it as a convenient and cost-effective strategy. You just create your meal plan, buy all the necessary ingredients at the local market, and you’re all set!

We’ve put together a quick list of tips and tricks on how you can prepare your little student’s lunches without stressing yourself out. By following these steps, your child will always look forward to lunchtime at school:

  • Make a master list.

Take time to sit and write down all the meals you’ve been cooking for your family. That way, you won’t be scratching your head while you’re trying to come up with lunch ideas week after week. Just take a look at your master list for inspiration, and don’t forget to add the new recipes that you’ve discovered.

  • Mark your calendar.

It’s important to check your calendar first before planning your child’s school meals so that you can identify busy days. On such days, choose simple dishes such as pasta, steamed veggies, salads, or grilled meats. Leftover meals are ideal on super hectic days — just reheat a meal from the previous night.

  • Start your meal plan.

Now it’s time to use your master list and marked calendar to begin writing down your meal plan. Assign easy-to-prepare meals for busy days and opt for your special recipes during your free days. Be sure to keep them as nutritious as possible.

  • Designate a prep day.

Spend at least an hour or two over the weekend completing some meal prep tasks. Chop veggies and fruits, cut and freeze meat, or make salad dressings — just anything easy that can save you a lot of time and effort during the week ahead.

  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Hot foods like chili, stew, and soup should be placed in an insulated thermos, while perishable meals should be stored in an insulated lunch bag with at least two ice packs. You can also use a frozen water bottle as a substitute for ice.


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