9 Popular May Day Traditions You Should Know About

Relive the Joyful Spirit of May | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Relive the Joyful Spirit of the Holiday!

Did you have a good time celebrating May Day on the first day of this month? It’s a holiday that celebrates the return of spring and new life and marks the point between spring and summer.

This joyous holiday dates back to ancient times, but it’s still widely celebrated in different countries all over the globe. Here are the most popular traditions people enjoy on May Day:

1. Maypole Dance

The most popular May Day activity is dancing around the maypole. It’s a tradition that dates back to medieval times when people would dance around the maypole, holding colorful ribbons wrapped around it. Studies show that the maypole dance was part of pagan rituals in Germany.

2. Washing the Face with Dew

Many people believe that washing the face with dew on May 1st will clear your skin and bring good fortune. Did you try this May Day tradition and sprinkle your face with the refreshing morning dew? If not, you can still do it today or any day and see what happens next!

3. Bringing in the May

People in Britain celebrate May Day by “bringing in the May,” which involves gathering cuttings of flowering trees and placing them in their homes. You can still welcome spring by bringing branches of magnolia, lilac, or any flowering plants into your home!

4. Crowning of the May Queen

The crowning of the May Queen is another medieval tradition. The May Queen symbolizes purity, growth, and nature. Acknowledge and celebrate the most important women in your life by crowning your May Queen — whether she’s your wife, mom, or grandma!

5. May Day Basket

Another popular May Day tradition is the May Day basket. Dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, people would celebrate May Day by filling paper baskets or cones with candies and flowers. They would then knock on the recipient’s door and yell “May basket!” before running away. If the giver gets caught, they owe a kiss to the person receiving the May Day basket.

6. Lei Day

Hawaiians also celebrate May Day, calling it “Lei Day.” They make garlands (called leis) made with native flowers and leaves. It’s usually given as a symbol of greeting, celebration, farewell, or honor.

7. May Bush

In Ireland, people celebrate May Day by making a May bush, where they decorate thorn bushes with colorful ribbons and flowers.

8. Maypole Felling

The people of the Czech Republic consider May a month of love. Celebrations start on April 30 when they put up a maypole and light bonfires. On May 1st, couples would kiss under a flowering tree, and on May 30th, they would take down the maypole during an event called Maypole Felling.

9. Spirit Night

In Wales, people start their May Day celebration with bonfires the night before May Day. Many people call it a spirit night, where they would gather hawthorn and flowers to decorate their homes and commemorate fertility and growth. Other May Day celebrations in Wales include dancing and singing May carols.


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