7 Christmas Eve Traditions You Can Try with Your Family

Make Your Christmas Eve This December 24th Extra Special | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Use These Traditions to Make Your Christmas Eve This December 24th Extra Special

Many families have their own Christmas Eve traditions. Some of these are based on cultural or religious beliefs while others are more personal and may have even been started several generations ago. These traditions help make our Christmas Eve celebrations feel more magical and special, especially for the little kids.

Since every family is unique, we may not celebrate Christmas Eve in the same way. That doesn’t mean you can’t try out traditions observed by other families though. You might even end up incorporating what you find into your own family’s list of traditions during Christmas Eve.

If you’re looking for new traditions to observe on Christmas Eve, Breast Cancer Car Donations offers these seven fun traditions that you may want to consider trying out:

1. Cookies for Santa

Have the kids prepare cookies and a glass of milk to leave for Santa before they go to sleep. Watch their happiness and surprise when you replace these cookies with gifts for your kids on Christmas morning.

2. Christmas movie marathon

Get your favorite Christmas-themed flicks and start playing them hours before your Christmas Eve dinner with your family. Unless you have a pretty long list, you may finish watching the movies just before the clock strikes 12 when Christmas day begins.

3. Neighborhood caroling

Christmas isn’t complete without hearing a Christmas carol or two outside your home. Spread Christmas cheer in your neighborhood by going caroling with your family.

4. Christmas stories over hot chocolate

No one can say “no” to Christmas stories over steaming cups of hot chocolate. This is a tradition that little kids always look forward to.

5. Pajama-themed Christmas party

Instead of dressing up on Christmas Eve, why not dress down instead for a change? Have everyone wear their favorite pair of jammies!

6. Cake baking on Christmas Eve

Roll up your sleeves and heat your oven. Bake a special cake for your family that everyone can enjoy on Christmas Eve.

7. Food for the less fortunate

Prepare packs of food that you can give out to homeless people in your area so they can have something nice to eat for their Christmas Eve dinner.


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