6 Hot Dog Varieties You Must Try on National Hot Dog Day

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Grab Your Dog and Toppings this July 21st!

Aren’t you glad that July 21st is National Hot Dog Day? It doesn’t matter if you decide to fire up the grill and throw some hot dogs on it or use the air fryer to make perfectly crisp hot dogs — you can never go wrong with this delicious American classic!

Invite your family and friends over to your place and catch up with them while you’re enjoying an easy meal. If you’re in the mood to try out imaginative hot dog combinations, you can even ask your guests to add their own flair to a basic hot dog.

Different people have different ways of enjoying their hot dogs. If you’ve ever considered trying various kinds of hot dogs during your travels or while you’re staying home, check out Breast Cancer Car Donations’ compiled list of must-try hot dog varieties that won’t fail to tickle your taste buds!

1. Chicago Dog

Beef lovers wouldn’t want to miss out on a warm Chicago dog. Inside the poppy seed bun is an all-beef hot dog that’s layered with mustard, onions, green relish, pickles, sport peppers, tomatoes, and celery salt.

2. Cincinnati Coney

If you’re a meat-lover, then this hot dog’s for you. It has a pork and beef hot dog on a steamed bun with toppings of cinnamon and chocolate-tinged chili. You can also add sprinkles of cheddar cheese. And if you’re a cheesy person, then there’s no limit to how much cheese you can add.

3. Blazin’ Dog

If you prefer hot foods and at the same time love hot dogs, then you definitely need to try this one. This hot dog contains a lot of hot stuff including green jalapeño slices, a red jalapeño, and hot garlic sauce.

4. Danger Dog

Are you a big fan of bacon? Then you have to try the danger dog. Imagine a deep-fried hot dog that’s fully wrapped in bacon coating — delicious!

5. Corn Dog

If you’ve watched romantic movies, you’ve probably noticed couples often eating Corn Dogs. These are hot dogs on a stick that are covered in a very thick layer of cornmeal batter.

6. Vegetarian Hot Dog

Making a change to a vegan or vegetarian diet? Be glad to know that you won’t have to avoid eating hot dogs because you can have vegetarian hot dogs that are made entirely of non-meat products.


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