5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Human Rights Day on December 10th

Make the Most of Human Rights Day on December 10th | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Impactful Things You Can Do to Promote Our Universal Rights

Every year on the 10th of December, we celebrate the day when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration took the form of an international document declaring that human rights are universal — to be enjoyed by all people, no matter who they are or where they live.

Human Rights Day is a celebration of that momentous event in 1948. It also serves as a day for us to show our support to human rights movements, raise awareness on the importance of human rights, and call for equality and justice, especially in countries where human rights are ignored and violated.

Not sure what to do on December 10th? Breast Cancer Car Donations suggests these five impactful ways of promoting human rights in celebration of Human Rights Day:

1. Donate to human rights groups.

Send a cash donation to one of the numerous human rights organizations out there that support, defend, and investigate human rights issues. Major human rights nonprofits include Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

2. Volunteer.

No matter where you are, there may be a community or group that promotes human rights. You may volunteer your services to a human rights organization, food bank, or a home for the elderly.

3. Join a human rights movement.

See if there is a human rights movement in your area that you can join in. Actions taken by groups like this put pressure on the authorities to take action to address human rights issues.

4. Raise awareness on social media.

Not everyone knows about Human Rights Day and what it stands for. Help raise awareness by posting about the importance of celebrating such an event on social media.

5. Stand up against discrimination.

When you see discrimination in any form happening, don’t let it slip by. Call it out and let your voice be heard.


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Promote Our Universal Rights | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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