5 Fun Ideas for National Pizza Party Day

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May 15th a Special Day for All Pizza Lovers

On May 15th, let’s celebrate our love for this little piece of heaven called pizza — it’s National Pizza Party Day! Celebrated on the third Friday in May of each year, the event will once again see millions of pizza lovers throughout the country coming out to savor the delicious flavors of different types of pizza, which is one of America’s favorite foods,

Expect pizza parties among family and friends. These parties are held on various occasions such as birthdays, rewarding someone for a job well done, and other achievements both major and minor.


How Pizza Became One of Our Favorite Dishes

No one can say for sure where pizza originated. However, the pie that we’re most familiar with is credited to a baker from Naples, which is also the reason why pizza is associated mainly with Italy. Rafaelle Esposito, a chef and tavern owner in the 19th century, was the one who came up with the pizza recipe composed of tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings, all of which are still the main ingredients in today’s modern pizza.

When Italian immigrants first brought pizza to America, it initially didn’t gain much popularity. After World War II, however, returning soldiers from overseas helped spread the love for pizza, and it eventually became one of the most popular foods in the United States.


The 5 Fun Ways of Celebrating this Day

We’ve listed some fun ideas below on how best you can celebrate National Pizza Party Day on May 15th:

1. Host a pizza party.

Invite your friends to a pizza party. To make the occasion look special, put pizza-themed decorations in the place where you’ll be holding the party. You can also pick a location that’s associated with pizza (like an Italian restaurant).

2. Check out any new pizza parlor in your area.

National Pizza Party Day is a great day (or excuse) to visit a pizza parlor you haven’t been to yet. You might even discover a new favorite pizza place!

3. Try making your own pizza.

You can do this even if you have zero pizza cooking experience. There are a lot of online guides and videos that can help walk you through the steps in making pizza, so you’ll know exactly what to do.

4. Invite your friends to do a “pizza crawl.”

Do this by listing down all the pizza parlors in your locality and dine in each one of them together with your friends. Your objective is to look for a parlor that serves the best pizza in town.

5. Experiment with different pizza flavors.

Don’t stick with the classics; use National Pizza Party Day as your reason to explore different pizza flavors. Some pizza parlors serve unique flavors such as chocolate, mint, and even pizza with fruit toppings instead of meat.


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