5 Coffee Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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Get Your Coffee Facts Straight on International Coffee Day this September 29th!

Tea is great, but we ought to thank the high heavens for coffee! Most of us won’t last a tedious day without a cup of coffee. The mere thought of the aromatic fragrance of that liquid energy being poured into a cup is enough to pull you out of bed.

However, did you know that there’s more to your early-morning pick-me-up than just a daily dose of caffeine? Unfortunately, too many tall tales tend to negatively impact the way most folks feel and think about coffee. These myths are based on misinterpreted information that has been circulating since God knows when.

Since September 29th is International Coffee Day, Breast Cancer Car Donations is here to set the record straight about this energizing and aromatic concoction.


5 Biggest Coffee Myths Debunked

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What do you know about the world’s second most favorite drink next to water? To make sure that you haven’t fallen for tall tales and myths about coffee, check this out:

  • Coffee is the best hangover cure.

Although a cup of coffee after a night of partying can make you feel more alert and less groggy, it’s not the best cure for your hangover. Try exercising instead.

  • Coffee can cause dehydration.

Coffee may cause you to feel the need to urinate because of its mild diuretic effect. However, it doesn’t increase your risk of dehydration and it doesn’t lead to fluid loss.

  • Pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking coffee.

Contrary to what most people think, caffeine won’t do damage to a fetus. However, experts agree that about one cup of standard coffee per day should be enough for a pregnant woman.

  • Drinking coffee in the afternoon causes insomnia.

This simply isn’t true because the moment you consume your 3 o’clock coffee, it goes straight to your liver and out of your body before bedtime.

  • Coffee can stunt your growth.

Short people blame it all on the coffee. However, there’s no scientific evidence that supports this claim.


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