5 Best Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Wreath Hanging on a Door this Christmas | Breast Cancer Car Donations

5 Best Outdoor Holiday Decorations: Spread the Joyful Yuletide Spirit!

Christmas time is near! It’s time to pull those holiday decors out of the storage room and create a personal Winter Wonderland out front—lanterns, lights, ornaments, wreaths, candy canes, and all that jazz!

While most people just mindlessly decorate their porches or yards, there are some who really go all out to ensure that everything is in order. After all, there’s no such thing as too much holiday spirit, is there? Without further ado, here are the 5 best outdoor holiday decorations that have captivated so many Yuletide hearts.


#1 The Welcoming Entryway

Nothing is more inviting than this perfectly laid out holiday decoration! The colors, the materials used, and the way they are placed are fantastic! No need for elaborate lighting and gigantic designs here.

This is how to get this look:

  • Have a lot of apple green and cherry red ribbons, at least 1.5-inch thick.
  • Prepare a garland and garnish it with all things pretty (stay with the same color scheme).
  • Put up a large decorated wreath on the front door.
  • Decorate the lights and plants to match the overall décor.
  • Add a life-sized Christmas royal guard (or a Nutcracker figure) to finish the look.


#2 The Festive Neighbor

Lights and well-organized decors can certainly add to that curb appeal. Plus, notice the well-manicured lawn!

To get this look:

  • Make sure the lawn is set for decorating.
  • Prepare a variety of Christmas lights—hanging lights, bulbs, string lights, etc.
  • Create reindeer using chicken wire (or purchase ready-made ones).
  • Spread out some life-sized decors or inflatables.
  • Adorn the eaves with string lights or hanging lights.
  • Don’t forget Santa’s sled seat angled beautifully to complement the exterior of the house.


#3 The Pretty Porch

This daintily decorated home proves that one doesn’t have to have the biggest number of lights on the block to be the prettiest and most eye-catching home in the neighborhood. With its grand front porch decked out for the holidays, adorned with wreaths and garlands and little fairy lights, this home is easy to fall in love with. Those seeing it can only wonder how pretty it must be inside!

To get this look:

  • Adorn every window with a simple wreath.
  • Drape garlands all over and adds some red wine-colored ribbons to add texture.
  • Place whimsical topiaries on the entryway and hang a lit Christmas wreath on the gate.
  • Don’t forget those white reindeer spread out.



#4 The Yuletide Utopia 

Yuletide Utopia Outdoor Holiday Decorations | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Source: christmas.365greetings.com

One can never go wrong with Christmas lights. It never fails to turn heads and makes any home glow with Yuletide cheer. In fact, a happy yard with a cool Christmas light display ALWAYS puts a smile on everyone who passes by!

Want this look?

  • Purchase a lot of Christmas lights—a lot!
  • Fill the entire front yard with ornaments, figures, and whatnot in different sizes.
  • Decorate using an “organized chaos” design.
  • Don’t disregard the trees, plants, and anything that you think you can adorn with lights.
  • Drape all the eaves and shingles with dazzling hanging lights.
  • Place a moving Santa-on-the-sled light display on the roof.


#5 The Supersize Spruced Space

Supersize your holiday decors with oversized ornaments, multiple Christmas trees, and quirky adornments like colorful, swirling candies, candy canes, and gingerbread figures. Don’t miss out on that tiny red cabin that’ll surely make passersby take a peek in! For this look, the following things are needed:

  • Oversized ornaments
  • Gingerbread figures
  • At least 3 large Christmas trees
  • Lots of Christmas lights
  • Some whimsical decors to add to the appeal
  • A tiny cabin (probably a toy house for the children) decorated and furnished with holiday adornments


Have Fun Decorating!

Decorating the exterior part of the house doesn’t only show a home’s Christmas cheer but also spreads festive vibes to everyone who sees it. Whether it’s a house filled with lights, supersized ornaments, rustic holiday creations, and whatever style and design, a well-thought-out display will definitely add an instant holiday curb appeal!

Merry Christmas Writing on a Snow | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Want a More Meaningful Christmas?

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