4 Ways To Get Involved During National Home Care and Hospice Month

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4 Ways to Get Involved in National Home Care and Hospice Month

Every November, people in America are reminded of the compassionate men and women who work selflessly and tirelessly to serve the elderly, sick, and disabled individuals in our country. From nurses and therapists to home care aides and social workers, these nurturing professionals dedicate their time and energy to provide patients quality care and comfortable living through the remaining moments of their lives. To commend them for their altruistic deeds, November is celebrated as National Home Care and Hospice Month.

Despite the little amount they get as payment for their service, home care and hospice workers go the extra mile to help others, proving that they are indeed unsung heroes who deserve our recognition. Thankfully, with this month-long event that brings attention to their noble field, they will get an opportunity to be honored by the public. If you haven’t done your part yet to express your appreciation and gratitude to the home care and hospice workers in your community, this November is certainly the best time to do so!


What You Can Do to Show Your Support

Here are four ideas on how you can get involved in National Home Care and Hospice Month:

1. Treat a service worker.

Since these individuals have done so much to make lives easier for their patients, it’s time someone returns the favor, and that someone is no other than you. Take home care or hospice workers out for lunch; buy them coffee, or surprise them with a box of treats on their front porch. Regardless of the gesture you make – no matter how simple it may be – it will definitely mean a great deal to them.

2. Send a handwritten ‘thank you’ note.

Although we’re now living in the age of technology, we can still do things the old fashion way. In this case, writing a sincere letter is a great way to express your appreciation and gratitude to these caring individuals.

3. Visit a hospice.

If you have time to spare, make your way to a nearby hospice to greet workers there. Spread the joy by entertaining and talking to them, or by simply listening to them as they recall their favorite memories. Your company alone can make all the difference.

4. Offer to perform their chores.

Home care and hospice workers barely find time to do some of their personal responsibilities, which is why you might want to consider helping out. If you happen to know someone in the field, offer to do some of their household chores or perhaps run an errand for them. Let them know that you’re willing to lend a hand anytime they need one.


Let Breast Cancer Patients Know How Much You Care

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