3 Ways to Make Your Friendships Last

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3 Ways to Make Your Friendships Last

Through every stage of a person’s life, bonds of friendship are formed. It doesn’t matter if these relationships were forged amid the most challenging times, during milestone moments, or from a series of night outs. Each of them adds more meaning and fulfillment to a person’s life.

However, since change and growth are constant, some friends may eventually realize that they have less in common with each other until they drift apart. It’s not easy to lose friends, but you can always expect new friendships to blossom in their wake. Since friendships take time and effort to grow, you’ll need to nurture them to make them last.


How to Make Friendships Last

As you get older, you begin to realize that some of your friends were meant to stay around for a short period while others are meant to grow with you as your life changes. If you want these friendships to last, you’ll have to exert some effort to nurture them. Breast Cancer Car Donations shows you how to make your friendships strong enough to last a lifetime as we celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 30th.

  • Get in touch with your friends to see how they’re doing.

No matter how busy you are, make it a point to squeeze in time to let your friends know that you’re thinking about them. Try sending them an email or reach out to them through social media. Although electronic communication is never a bad thing, nothing’s better than them hearing your voice over the phone.

However, instead of just calling them up when you need something, why don’t you get into the habit of giving them a call once a month just to check in with them? Proactively communicating with your friends regularly to see how they’re doing is something that they would greatly appreciate.

  • Give meaningful presents.

Paying attention to the details of your friends’ lives is a great place to start. Your friends are going to feel the love when you give them gifts that you’ve put some thoughts into. Keep in mind that the most thoughtful presents aren’t necessarily expensive or huge.

If your friends are into homemade items, you can send them a scrapbook, sew pillows for their apartment, or knit them a sweater. Another great idea is to give them something that could take them to a trip down memory lanes like concert tickets, books, postcards, or gift certificates to their favorite stores.

  • Spend time with them.

Going out of your way to visit a friend especially during their most difficult times is more than enough to let them know that you’re there for them. While you’re at it, you might want to bring something that would cheer them up such as their favorite dessert or a book.


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