3 Delicious But Easy Rice Recipes To Make During Coronavirus

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3 Delicious But Easy Rice Recipes to Make While Stuck at Home to Ward Off Coronavirus

People have lately been filling their social media pages with numerous posts and pictures about various kinds of food — from chocolate cakes, brownies, and cookies to homemade lasagna, steaks, and a whole lot more! A lot of them seem to be on a cooking or baking spree even while the whole world is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic.

It makes sense though, as cooking isn’t just a way for us to get food in our bellies but also to relieve ourselves of stress caused by measures imposed by the authorities to fight off the raging contagion.

More and more people are turning to the art of cooking while they’re stuck at home in compliance with stay-at-home orders. What better way to spend mandatory home quarantine than by leveling up your cooking skills up a notch!


Delicious Rice Recipes You Need to Try

Want to make something different but delicious? What better ingredient to make a mouth-watering dish or tasty dessert with than one of the most popular staple food around — rice! There are tons of rice-based recipes out there that your family will surely love. No matter where you come from or what cuisine is your favorite, rice recipes are topnotch and one that you’ll easily fall in love with.

We’ve listed below three easy-to-make rice recipes that you can give a go while you’re stuck at home.

1. Brown Rice Congee

This slow-cooked rice congee makes for a good breakfast meal, or maybe even an afternoon snack. It’s pretty easy to make with minimal ingredients, including soft-boiled eggs. One superb tip is to make sure the soft-boiled eggs aren’t too cooked and that the yolk inside is still a bit runny. This dish is great for people who are fighting off breast cancer, as brown rice is well recommended by experts. They say that it slows down and inhibits tumor growth.

2. Chorizo-and-Cheese Rice Patties

This dish is a meal in itself, consisting of chorizo, rice, and cheese. You can twist things up a bit and add in little extras as you like, including a poached egg or two.

3. Coconut Rice Pudding

This is a creamy, delicious dish that can easily become your family’s new favorite dessert. You can serve it hot or chilled, depending on how you like it. The rice itself is tender but not too mushy in its consistency, and you can always taste the coconut with each bite.


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