2018 Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrating 2018 Employee Appreciation Day | Breast Cancer Car Donations

Happy 2018 Employee Appreciation Day!

Employee Appreciation Day is observed yearly every first Friday of March in the U.S. and Canada. On this day, all employers in all industries are supposed to take notice of the hard work being exerted by their employees throughout the year.

Employees are considered as the best assets that a company can have. It is important to give out recognition and appreciation for all the things they have done for the company. It gives them a motivational boost in the workplace.

Employers can show how thankful they are for the contributions of their employees in various ways. These contributions can be something big and extravagant or just little things. It’s the effort that counts. Showing your appreciation boosts an employee’s job satisfaction.


Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

If the commemoration of this event this year has passed by without anyone noticing it, any day can be a good day to show employee appreciation. Here are five things employers can do to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Give your employees a food treat

Take your employees out and have lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant. You can also do it at the office, have the food delivered and create enjoyable and fun activities.

  • Team building outing

You can make a list of fun, unique, and interesting team building plans and make them decide which they want. You can go to the beach with the team and have fun-filled games and activities, as well as eat a lot of tasty treats!

  • Give gifts

You can hand out gifts to your employees. It can either be gift cards, sunglasses, detox box, rewards cards, and so much more! It can be just a simple greeting card you can put on their desks that states how much you appreciate them. You can even consider giving them a paid time off or let them leave early.

  • Continue to do great things

After this event, do not stop. Continue your efforts all throughout the year. Tell them you appreciate them and their efforts for your company because without them, your company is nothing.


Show You Care for Your Employees

Old Picture of a Man working hard in a Car Factory | Breast Cancer Car Donations

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